Happy Birthday to Me! I got some new dotting tools as a birthday gift and decided that now was the perfect time to try some fancypants nail art outside of my usual comfort zone. So I made cupcakes!

A quick Google search of “Cupcake Nail Art Tutorial” will yield a variety of techniques, but I chose to just do a quick “base” layer of pink and blue for the cupcake “wrapper” and the background behind the frosting. With dotting tools for the icing, cherry, and the wrapper lines (it was an experiment!) and a glitter polish for the “sprinkles,” I think it came out really great! 

Baked with love using:

- Wrapper: Wet T-Shirt, Pure Ice

- Wrapper Accent: Twisted Pink, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear

- Blue Background: Splash, Pure Ice

- Frosting: Snow Me White, Sinful Colors

- Sprinkles: It’s a Trap-Eze!, China Glaze

- Cherry: Siren, Pure Ice

I’ve been using these colors for EVERYTHING lately it seems like, but I just love the combination! As a bonus, most of them can be found for $2 and $3 at Target, so they’re really great staples to keep around, and REALLY versatile.